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Dog Doors for Timber Doors & Security Screens

Designed to fit all types of timber doors. The door is manufactured from UV stabilised high impact polycarbonate to endure the rigours of animal use.

large dog door for glass

Large Dog Doors for Timber & Security Screen – Supplied & Installed

Price - $685.00

The Petway’s large dog door can be installed into wooden doors and also a security screen door. The pet door has a transparent flexible flap, making it easy for your pet to get through the door. Best suited to large dogs from 15-45 kilograms. The flexible flap allows these doors to work as a “double” door, so if your timber and security doors are both closed, as your pet pushes on the first flap, it opens the second flap.

Flap Size: 260mm wide x 400mm high


** These prices are based on a flat surface timber door. If your door is a heritage design, has decorative panels or additional beading, a $60 fee may apply due to additional labour.
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