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Microchip Cat Doors

Sureflap microchip cat doors will allow any pet to exit the home, but only allow your pet to enter either by scanning your pet’s microchip or with a collar tag. There are more models available with additional features. Please get in contact with our team for more information.

Microchip Cat Doors for Timber or Glass – Supplied & Installed

Flap size: 170 mm wide x 178mm high

The Sureflap Microchip Cat door allows you to keep unwanted animals out of your home. It works with your pets existing microchip to allow you to have full control of your pets movements. The Sureflap Pet Door will work with all common microchips and is easy to set up at the touch of a button. Collar tags are available if your pet is not micro-chipped.

These can be installed into glass (excluding sliding doors due to thickness of unit), or timber doors.

Price supplied & installed into timber door - $545

For installation into glass, please contact us for a quote as it will depend on the type of glass you have.