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The Top Benefits of Installing a Pet Door in Your Home

One of our missions is to improve the quality of life for pets. A pet door does benefit your pet several different ways. We hope you choose to enhance the quality of life of your pet by installing a pet door whether or not you choose to purchase a Freedom Pet Pass. Here are some benefits of having a pet door according to industry experts:Health Benefits That A Pet Door Provides Your Beloved Pet

  • Very uncomfortable for your pet to hold it for extended periods of time
  • Helps keep your pet active enabling him to stay fit and trim exercising outside throughout the day
  • The outdoors provides your pet with mental stimulation which helps keep your pet alert
  • Reduces problem behavior resulting from boredom
  • Boredom results in problem behaviors such as compulsive chewing of objects in your home
  • Freedom can improve pet confidence and attitude

Safety That A Pet Door Provides Your Best Friend

  • Allows pet to excape from danger inside such as a fire or dangerous intruder
  • Allows pet to escape from danger outside such as unpredictable weather

A Pet Door Helps Your Pet Protect Your Home

  • Allows your pet to check on unusual noises
  • Allows your pet to scare off intruders