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What are Some Important Things to Consider before Installing a Pet Door?

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Pet doors are essential for the safety of your pets.

Pet ownership isn’t what it used to be and as the times have changed we’ve seen pets become more of a part of the family. Long are the days when our dogs are simply left outside. More and more families are incorporating their furry companions into their lives in and outside of the home as we realise the benefits and joys to having these wonderful creatures around us as much as we can.

As pets are now owning a space in the home we see the need to make some changes around our living situation to accommodate this shift. The basic needs of animals haven’t changed and they still require access to the yard for toileting and stimulation. While it would be cost-effective for our four-legged friends to be able to open doors, it’s not very realistic! We do hear of some dedicated owners training their dogs to ring a bell when they want to go outside, but this still doesn’t allow for our pets to move seamlessly in and out of the house while we’re not home and maintain a secure household.

Quick Solution?
Pet Doors – A Big Addition to Your Pet’s Happiness

Pets doors are a great solution to this in-and-out life for pets and they have come a long way in recent years. There are now pet doors that remain locked until your pet’s unique microchip is in range to unlock it. No more random cats wandering into your house or wondering if burglars can fit through your doggy door!

The most predominant reason why pet owners have pet doors is to allow access to and from the home for their furry friend. It allows the animal and the owner to live independently without the animal relying on the owner to let them in and out at all hours of the day or night.

Whilst independence is the main objective for pet door installation, there are some critical things all pet owners should consider before they have a pet door installed, especially if they have a large dog or are wanting to fit a pet door into Glass.


Security to the premises is one key element often overlooked when large pet access doors are fitted into the home. Additional dead locks and dead bolts add to the security of the home and are a worthwhile investment to ensure large personal items can’t be removed in the event of unlawful entry.

Glass Safety

We urge caution when retrofitting a pet door into glass. Qualified glaziers are most qualified and trained in handling glass safely in accordance with the Australian glass standards.

General “Float Glass” must be replaced with Toughened (tempered) glass to ensure the safety of both the occupant and the pet. Cut ins into float glass is deemed an illegal practice in accordance with the governing bodies. Toughened safety glass if broken shatters into granular chunks rather than splintering into dangerously sharp shards which can cause serious injury (and trust us, we’ve seen it!).